FreddeGredde is a music project by Fredrik Larsson

Having dabbled with music, animation, game making and other creative areas for many years in his hometown of Gävle, Sweden, FreddeGredde started posting videos on YouTube in 2008, some of which went viral and reached millions of views.

Mostly known for his themed medleys such as cartoons, video games and TV series, he was also recognized for his multi-layered vocal performances, as well as his ability to play many different instruments, such as the accordion, flutes and water glasses.
During this time, he composed and produced his debut album Thirteen Eight, which was released in 2011.

Sadly his passion for music was fading, and between mid-2012 and mid-2017, only three videos were posted. He did however release a second album in 2014, titled Brighter Skies, which was an attempt to rekindle his love for music by going back to his prog rock loving roots.

In 2017, he decided to make a pop album titled Eyes on the Edge in order to satisfy the fans that had long asked for more accessible original music. A number of videos were posted on youtube to promote it, but with little success.
Instead, The Superb Mario Medley in 2018 proved that video game material was still a winning concept, when it became his most successful video of all time. The Pokémedley and The Legendary Zelda Medley completed his Nintendo medley trilogy.

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