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16 June 2011 62 comments

Hey, thanks for all your questions! I didn’t expect to get this many, and there’s no room to answer all of them, so I have tried to choose the more interesting ones.

Most of your what you were asking for can be found in the F.A.Q section, my Musical History post, or this album interview though.

Capristarz asked:
1. Why do you call yourself ‘Freddie25′ on YouTube?
– I really just made my YouTube channel to upload a video game trailer (Phoenix Wright 2) that I had managed to come across, but wasn’t available publically yet. So I just wrote “Freddie” first, because, well, English speaking people can’t pronounce “Fredde” properly, but obviously that wasn’t available, so I just added two random numbers.
(Although I should really have told you the more epic story, but made-up just now, about how I had planned all along to become famous and rich by the age of 25, and only upload videos until then. I turn 26 in September, so that would have been quite cool.)

2. What were your thoughts when you first plucked a note on/strummed the guitar?
– I don’t remember if this was the first time, but one of my earliest memories with a guitar was that I picked one string, then tried the next one to play “Little Cat” on it (a children’s song similar to Frère Jaques; it’s just three notes), and heard that it was all wrong. So I tried to re-tune the strings to get the right notes for the song. I had not realized that you could use your left hand to make different notes on the same string.

3. What kind of people/things most intrigue you?
– I think I’m mostly intrigued by challenges. As long as it’s not competitively. I like figuring things out, regardless of whether it’s a weird chord progression or a math problem. Or a girl’s personal problem. There has to be a solution for everything!! (Even questions like these are interesting and intriguing, because I learn more about myself when thinking about what to answer.)

Patrick asked:
1. I’ve been playing bass for two years, still having difficulty reading notes, have any tips?
– Not really. I don’t read notes either. I mean, I can figure them out, but if I have to use sheet music (in case I haven’t heard the song), I slowly go through the song, memorize every part, and then throw away the sheets and just play.
But I suppose it’s all about practice. Figure out what each symbol means, and then keep trying to play through songs as quickly as possible. After a few hundred hours, it should be a piece of cake!

2. Did/do you go to the University in music?
– Nope, I’m self-taught.

3. Allez-vous un jour venir au Canada?
– J’ai visité le Canada en 2009! ;)

Will asked: Other YouTube videos seem very commercial right now apart from yours as you seem to be doing what you want. Will you be doing any more queen songs? Or anything from way back then cos I like that!
– I don’t think I will. The thing is that I’m really trying to do new things every time, because I don’t like to repeat myself. When I’ve made a video game song, people tell me that I should do more of that, and when I’ve played TV themes, people tell me that I should do more of that. These days I get lots of requests about doing Queen songs. ;) But that’s not how I work, because I have to be curious and challenged about the things I’m doing; otherwise I just won’t finish it.

Donee asked:
1. To what do you attribute your gaining popularity?
– I don’t think my popularity is gaining exactly. 32 songs in 8 minutes is still my most popular video, and it was made in 2009. But with more videos uploaded, more people will get to know about me. I just try to keep the same quality, even though I’m often trying new things. (If I’d quickly explain why I’m popular at all, I’d say it’s because I do things in original and fresh ways, and I do it well. And because I’m charming, hah.)

2. If you had to choose, what would you name as your all-time favorite dishwashing detergent?
– Probably “Yes”, because I’ve bought like, two bottles of it in the last five years, and there’s still a lot left in the second one. It’s really long lasting! (And also because it’s the name of a great classic prog rock band!)

3. What kind of people are involved with your website and album development? More specifically, do you have an editor, publisher, photographer, publicist, taste-tester, etc.? If so, how did you come upon them (did they offer their services, are they family/friends, did you go searching)?
– I’m doing most things on my own. Regarding the album, I get help with lyrics from a few people who randomly contacted me, and have now become friends. I’ve hired David Schlein for drums, and the sound engineer William Blackmon to mix everything. The rest is all me; the composing, arranging and the recording of all instruments.
I also hired an acquaintance (we had talked a few times on a Dream Theater forum) for the album artwork.
About the website, I got help by a friend’s friend with making it (although it was mostly my design), but I’m running everything on my own now that it’s up.
(As for taste-testers, I often ask people in the FreddeGredde chat room what they think of things.)
So yeah, no editors, publishers, photographers or publicists. I’m looking for a label to distribute my album physically though, but I really prefer having full control, by doing everything myself.

Kit asked:
1. What is it that you look for in a love interest? That is to say, do you have a type or general preferences? I’m sorry if this one is too personal.
– Honestly I don’t know what I’m looking for. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever even been in love, so I just can’t say what is necessary for me to fall for someone.
But, I think there are three important aspects:
1. I want to find her physically attractive.
2. Liking video games (Might seem silly, but that aspect says a lot about her personality; that she still has childlike senses left, that she’s a bit geeky, and well, that she has the same interests as I do.)
3. I was going to write that she’d have to be “strong”/confident; that she is actually able to take care of herself and isn’t overly dependent on anything or anyone. But when thinking about it, I always seem to get curious/interested in girls with some kind of problem, because I really feel the need to help and “save” people, to make them feel better. But this might be the wrong reason to be interested in someone.. So I don’t really know.
Basically, I’ve no idea what I’m looking for. That special girl who just feels right.

2. You’ve written about “Vampire Bride” that it would likely be your last traditional, film-like music video. Now that some time has passed, do you feel differently about the project? Would you consider making another to promote your upcoming album?
– Yes, because I plan to make at least three videos for songs on the album, and I don’t want all of them to be split-screen videos like Beside Me, so to mix things up, I will try to make a “traditional” music as well! There’s also a cute story-driven song that would really work with an animated video, so I’m trying to find some animator to do that for me! I would like to do it myself, but there’s just no time! So if you know any great animators, tell them to contact me! ;)

3. you’ve achieved a good amount of success as a solo performer and as you have shown us recently, are quite capable of being a full band all by yourself. :) Do you see yourself staying solo always, or do you think you’d be interested in starting or collaborating with a band at some point in the future?
– If I would ever play concerts, I’d need another keyboardist, a guitarist and a bassist to join me and David Schlein, and if the chemistry is good, they might help me with recording future projects. But I don’t think I’d want to collaborate in more ways than that.

4. You’ve done several original songs at this point (my favorite so far is “The Wayfarer,” but they’re all good), in collaboration with other lyricists. How do you decide on lyrics for a song you’re trying to write?
– I used to have an annotation on YouTube, asking lyricists to send me lyrics that I could use when composing. I’ve never really cared about lyrics though, so I’ve usually asked friends what they thought of lyrics that are sent to me, and if they approved, I’d make a song of them. The Wayfarer was one of them! Basically, I have lots of musical ideas, so it’s a fun challenge to have a set of lines in front of me, and then compose something that fits.
Lately, I’ve been trying to do everything on my own though, and then I usually do the composing on my own first, just singing random words to replace later. Sometimes I come up with something decent on my own, and sometimes I send the song to someone else, to see if they can come up with better words.

Dan asked: Was the filming of the vampire bride video very awkward? :P
– Awkward? In what way? Sure, I had never met any of those who were present when we were recording it, but I don’t really “understand” awkward, so I had a pretty fun time. :) A new experience for sure!

Karki asked: And was it cold?
– Yeah, that was the worst part of it. Freezingly cold!!

D-DAWG asked: You play many instruments, have you ever considered learning to play the banjo? It sounds great with the accordion!
– I’m not that interested in the banjo, but I’ve been playing it now and then. Maybe I’d play banjo more often if I had one! It was the same thing for accordion. I never cared for it, until I just happened to have one in my apartment.

Valiant asked: What are your favourite songs to play on guitar? (I play the guitar as well, and need some inspiration to learn new things :D)
– I don’t ever play songs just “to play”. I learn/compose a song, record it, and then I move on to new things. So sorry, I can’t help you there. :)

Lazy asked: What’s your favourite place of all time and why? (Including the whole world + universe ;))
– Honestly it doesn’t really matter where I am. It’s all about what people I have around me, or like right now, what equipment and internet connection I have. :D The most beautiful place in the world can be awful if the company is boring.
(I like Gävle though.)

Joshua asked: Do you have an email sign up so we can be notified when you’re album is released?
– No, I don’t. Hmmm.. When it’s getting closer to the release, I’ll set something up.

Hanna asked: It’s been a year since The Most Awesome TV Show Ever aka LOST ended so I guess it’s time to ask how did you feel about the ending? Also, who were your favorite characters?
– Aww, I get sort of sad just thinking about Lost. :( Anyway, I was disappointed by the ending. My understanding of it all is that the authors kept changing the upcoming storyline throughout the series so that no one would guess where it was heading. And then at the end, there was no way of tying it all together, so they just finished it all with what people had been guessing since the very first season.
So, disappointing ending, but still probably my favorite TV series ever. :) (I think Desmond was my favorite.)

Stefan asked: Why did you choose the Ibanez s680fm? For financial reasons, or was the guitar just really good in your opinion and suited to your playstyle?

– I had been using the same beginner’s guitar since I was 15 years old, so I just wanted a new and better one. Went to the instrument store, looked around for a while, and then just picked the one that seemed best for the price I had decided that I could afford. I hate buying stuff, because there are always so many options! And I’ve never been interested in different brands and stuff, so I don’t even remember what model I have. I knew it was an Ibanez though, because John Petrucci used Ibanez in the beginning of his career.

Rus-kun asked: Which instrument is most “epic”, in your opinion?
– Haha, I wouldn’t say that an instrument can be “epic.” Well, probably the keyboard then, because you can have such a wide range of completely different sounds. It’s amazing if you think about it, that you can have all sounds imaginable, on the same keys.

Rambow07 asked: Could you have a fan as your girlfriend, if not why?
– I could, because I know she wouldn’t want me for my musical abilities anyway. :) (Honestly I never perform for girls in private, because I want them to like me for who I am, and not because I can play guitar and sing.)

Greg Gillis asked: I spent a long time watching the rest of your videos until I came to the one where you were singing “Nigger Stoled my Bike”. Dude, I have to say I was pretty offended.
We here in the States are just really not down with that. Is this a European thing that we just don’t get?

– Here’s the thing: I understand that Americans are offended by that word, and I’ve had many conversations about its history to try to understand why it’s so horrible. And although I will never understand it fully (because I’m neither black or American), I still want to stand by the opinion that a word doesn’t have any other meaning than what people are giving it. And it should be obvious that I’m not racist when singing that word, because it’s just a joke from a video game meme.
And, the sooner people stop treating the word as an offensive one, the sooner it won’t be any longer. I’m sorry if you’re offended, but I really mean no harm.

Dan asked
1. How long (after practicing it) does recording take?
– That really depends on what song or video. If it’s something long and complex, like the Mega Man 9 Rock Medley, it can take weeks. For a simple video, like any of the medleys with just one instruments, it’s one day.

2. Is your room isolated to keep the noise out. or do you just record when nobody is home. or do you live alone?
– I live in my own apartment, so yeah, it’s mostly quiet. My computer is making some noise though, so I want to do something about that. But I don’t know what.

Susanna asked:
1. if you got one wish, what would it be?
– Probably to find “true love”. What could possibly be better?

2. what do you like and dislike the most on yourself?
– Hmm.. I don’t really think of it like that. I’m just me, and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. But, my biggest flaw is definitely that I don’t really love anything or anyone. Nothing is ever really great, and everyone is replaceable..

3. If you got endless money, what would you buy?
– There’s nothing I really want that can bought for money. Love has to be deserved, and dinosaurs are extinct. :P
No, but seriously, money is really important to me, and I’d love to be able to make a living (and even get rich) on music. But this would be to be able to relax, to stop worrying about the future, about work, about whether the new album is going to sell or not. I can’t stand pressure.
If I got rich, I could have kids and spend a lot of time with them, and make sure that they’d have a great upbringing. Yes, I want kids. :P That is, when I’ve found that special one. :) Ugh, how cheesy I must sound now.

Ana asked: What do you feel when you play your instruments?
– What I feel? Well, what do you feel when you… use your fork to eat food? :) Seriously, I don’t look at music in that romantic kind of way. An instrument is just a tool to create music. I “feel” focused and concentrated, to make sure I play the right notes, in the right tempo and with the right strength.

ilovemonchichis asked: Which consoles do you have?
– Right now, only a Wii and a DS Lite. I sell consoles and games once I’ve finished playing them, and those two are the only ones I occasionally play these days, when friends come over.

Sam asked: Why do we never see you shred? Can you shred?
– I don’t like the idea of music being about skills. :) It’s not a game, like Guitar Hero! It’s about being creative and coming up with new things. So, there are maybe a few faster runs on the album, but I try to focus on melody, even when it’s a guitar solo.
And no, I wouldn’t say I’m a great shredder.

Randi asked: What’s your favorite kinda food? and what do you like to drink the most? oh… and do you have any pets?
– I eat everything, so no favorite kind of food as I can recall right now. I drink water the most! :) No pets. I grew up with all sorts of animals though (and I like cats the most), but right now, I don’t have the time or need for any.

Sorry if your question didn’t make it, but this is getting too long, so I’m going to stop here. Thanks again, and I hope you found something interesting in my answers!


  • BigLord said:

    I accept your apology, Fredde. Obviously you don’t know about Weird Al :P

    Anyway, these questions and their answers would great in the FAQ! Why don’t you add them? ;)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    I do know about him, BigLord. :P But he’s mostly about funny lyrics, right? I’ve never really cared about lyrics.. :) So, nothing I listen to.

    I might add some of them in the FAQ!

  • Andrew said:

    I didn’t know you were taking questions! Portal 2 got a hold of me, and I played the mess out of it over the past few days, and missed out on internet stuff. So here’s a question for you, if you’d still like some to answer: How many languages do you know? Sweden is not primarily an English-speaking country, if I am correct; are you guys taught English alongside Swedish? (If the Swedish language is not called that, forgive my ignorance; where I grew up, we had a terrible education system >.<)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Andrew: Ah, Portal 2 is a pretty good game. :) And I basically just speak Swedish and English, although I could probably make myself understood in French as well. I know I sing more languages in my videos (Japanese, Spanish, Finnish, Romanian, maybe some more), but I’ve just imitated the original songs then. I can’t speak those. :)

    Swedish is our native language, and we don’t start learning English in school until we’re maybe 9-10 years old, but there is sooo much English everywhere here compared to most other countries, so we still learn it quite well. (We don’t dub British/American movies and TV shows like many European countries do, and we never got Swedish translations for video games, etc.)

    Actually, I feel that I have to show you these survey results, that might not be 100% accurate anymore, but I found them on the internet somewhere a while ago. It’s about how many English speakers there are in different countries:
    Ireland: 98,4%
    UK: 97,7%
    USA: 95,8%
    Sweden: 89% (The best of all non-english countries)
    Holland: 87% (Second best)
    Denmark: 86%
    Canada: 85%
    Finland: 63% (Poor neighbors)
    Germany: 56%
    France: 36%
    Italy: 29%
    Spain: 27%
    Japan: 11,6%

    I just saved info about these specific countries for different reasons, but yeah, you get an idea of how things are. I find it interesting anyway!

  • Hanna said:

    “Poor neighbors” to yourself! :P

  • Mik said:

    SPOILER OF LOST IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH (for those who are watching it):

    Oh, man, I was talking about the ending of Lost the other day, on the chat. The big problem of the last season, in my opinion, was that Jacob became the lead character. They tried to explain everything using Jacob’s story, and of course, things didn’t match. You watch the first five seasons and there’s nothing indicating things like ‘men trapped in an island for 3 thousand years waiting for candidates’. For me, the series was great for five seasons! I believed the ending would be directly linked to Ben vs. Widmore, and Dharma secrets. But they were all forgotten in the last season. Widmore was useless (and had a stupid death; shot on a CLOSET? please!), Ben was unrecognizable, Locke wasn’t him (literally), Sun walked for almost TWO whole seasons to find Jin and die with him in the next episode, and Dharma… wait, where was Dharma in this last season? :(

    Hmm, I believe that after your answers about finding a true love, you will receive lots of messages of girls with hope of being the chosen one, hehe. I don’t know if you worry about never finding it, but if you do, you should not be. I belive that people who WAIT for the true love recognize it more easily than people who desperatly try to find it and, in this search, make mistakes and think they are loving when they aren’t, and then get hurt. Some people call it ‘experience’, but I don’t know… Maybe I’m the type who believes that when you find it, you find it, and you know it! Well, that’s just my point of view, it’s not an exact science; each one knows about their own life!

    Oh, I thought I was the only one thinking this way: “I don’t really love anything or anyone. Nothing is ever really great, and everyone is replaceable..”, haha. Some people may think it’s a cold way of seeing the world, but I guess we are able to REALLY enjoy something when we find it pleasant, and we can REALLY appreciate someone when we think he/she is special. People are so cheap these days. This probably isn’t the right word, but saying ‘I love it, I love you, I love her, I love him’ is so trivial now. But that’s just my point of view again…

    Ah, American shop is opened! *-* Uhul, first victory! The second one will be having the album in hands. :P

    Hmm, quick question, but you can ignore it because it’s stupid: what are you using as your desktop wallpaper right now?

    Nice answers, Freddie, and of course, nice questions, people. :)

  • BigLord said:

    Hey! What about us Portuguese? Shame on that survey, most of us know a lot of english precisely because of the same reason as you do :D

    Also, videogames. Tons of english videogames. I speak American English instead of British English because of them lol.

    (There is old portuguese-dubbed media, but it was Brazil that did all the dubbing back then. And did it badly, nowadays it hurts my ears… but Portugal is dubbing tons of things now so whatever. I weep for future generations)

  • Jaren said:

    Geez, Fredde, you are quite charming, from a lady’s perspective. And you had the courage to sing “Nigga stole my bike” and make it funny. (I understand if you’re tired of this discussion, but it was funny.) (and if you don’t approve this comment, that’s ok.)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Mik: Yeah, I agree about Lost. Seasons 1-5 = best ever (except for a boring dip somewhere around season 2), and then they purposely “forgot” lots of details to make season 6 wrap everything up. So it didn’t at all, except if you had not paid much attention.

    And maybe girls will rather be scared away, because I’m so picky and don’t fall in love with just anyone. ;) You’re right though, desperately searching has probably never worked. If you have very strict ideas of what you’re looking for, you might find someone who fit that criteria, but that doesn’t mean you’ll actually love her. Love is trickier than that!

    As for your question: I’m using a desktop wallpaper based on my album cover. :D I tried to make one just to see what it would look like in such high resolution, and I haven’t bothered to change it. I usually have something Zelda related.. :)


    BigLord: I suspect that Portugal would be similar to Spain, don’t you? Or are better at English than your neighbors? :P

    Jaren: Hmm, thanks. :)

  • Nikki said:

    “Nothing I really want that can bought for money. Love has to be deserved, and dinosaurs are extinct.”

    Quote of the day <3

  • BigLord said:

    Actually, Fredde, when me and some portuguese pals went to a SSBB tournament in Sevilla last year, we had to communicate using mixed spanish and portuguese, because most of them simply don’t speak english. They’re way worse than us, haha.

    But now that I read that survey better, it makes sense that Portugal doesn’t appear… it’s a small country, its population is only 10 million, heh.

  • Barbie said:

    Fredde! I just wanted to say that I love your videos! What instrument did you learn first? And what is your favorite? :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Barbie! I learned the guitar and piano kind of simultaneously, I think! It’s easier to play guitar while singing, so when performing, I prefer it. As for the sound and possibilities, I prefer the piano. You can do so much more with it. Thanks!

  • Sh0RTIE said:

    So, you’re alwayse want to do something new, huh? I’m just wondering, if you have a free time, can you do some Nirvana cover? That will be something new.. :D And one more thing, do you listen NIRVANA, if you do what you think about them? :D (Sorry for bad english, I’m not native english speake :D)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    shORTIE: Well, I don’t really want to do any more full covers. :) So probably not! Maybe I’ll include a Nirvana cover in a future medley some day! (And no, they’re not my favorites. :D They’re too repetitive for my tastes!)

  • Oskar said:

    Hey Fredde!

    I’ll take this in English even though I’m from Sweden since a lot of other people probably want to know this as well!

    1. What equipment/programs do you use for recording your video and sound?
    2. How the heck do you get your videos with several vocal or instrumental tracks so damn synced? It’s impossibly well done!

    Thanks! You’re awesome in every single way!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    1. Read the F.A.Q. ;)
    2. I’ve been using different “strategies” for different videos, but for the last one, the Killer Queen video, I just recorded the audio first, and then had the music on while filming the video. That’s the easiest way as long as you can replicate everything again in front of the camera.

  • Eric said:

    “I just recorded the audio first, and then had the music on while filming the video.” Aww, man! That totally killed the magic, dude. I’ve been listening to that song each day for a week now. Hope, I’ll still be able to enjoy it, though.

    Ah, screw it. I’m sure I will :D
    Carry on, wayward son!

  • Bernardo Sampaio said:

    What about your favorite bands and groups?

  • Marik Koshmarik said:

    Hi, my name is Marat, i`m from Russia. Don`t think about this letter like a letter about helping, it`s just my desire.
    I`am have just one question, became i can be sorry about my english, but this dos`t matter if i wonna something. – this is very long.
    In this text i used translator:
    Listen, I want to do something similar to volume that you and if you have a possibility you at least hint do where to me to direct the energies for this purpose. I by itself have music in view of.

    I`m realy sorry if worry you, but if you prey for something, mayby i can do something like you.

    Спасибо тебе за то что ты делаешь, это реально круто.
    Марат Зарипов.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Marik Koshmarik: Sorry, but I really don’t understand what you are asking. =/

  • Lara said:

    Any tips for learnig to play the harmonica?
    I liked it in the Tv Theme Medley!

  • George E. Spears III said:

    Wow Fredde I really don’t know where to start here. Lets see…

    Came across one of your medleys a few years ago thought it was great, but never remembered who it was that composed it. I just watched it the one time at a friends house, and completely forgot about it. Fast forward a few years later, and I just randomly came across your medleys again, and watched them…all in a row.

    Your talent is nothing short of extraordinary sir. I read all the Q and A here thus far it is clear your talent is innate. I must thank you for inspiring me. I am told I have a great talent for writing but spend far too much time playing videogames and watching tv/movies/anime to ever finish anything. You are an inspiration to all of us guys/girls around the world who have great abilities but get sucked into our hobbies so badly that we stagnate rather then creating our own works. You do the opposite you went out and pursued your dream. I need to get up and do the same now, thanks for the wake up call.

    Does Capcom know how big of a Phoenix Wright fan you are? They would probably give you some free stuff if you asked them. I wont say you should do more videogame/tv/anime/cartoon medleys. I respect your artistic process, I would like to make a different suggestion you may have even considered it yourself already. Your innate musical ability (that good teaching YOURSELF?) is such that I am confident you could do anything in the industry you wanted to, but judging from the questions people asked you and the answers you gave I get the feeling you are more of a solitary loner type then a rockstar. I could be completely wrong I don’t know you personally only going off of your answers to the questions people asked you. I think you could be any type of composer you wanted to be. Be it for your albums as you are doing now, or tv, film, videogames, your own original work. Not saying you couldn’t be a rockstar if you didn’t want to be just saying from what I am hearing and reading you have the mark of a good composer in the making towards being a brilliant one.

    I see you share a like in videogames so you will understand me when I say this. How would you like to be Sweden’s Nobuo Uemetsu? or Koji Kondo? See this is why the internet must not be censored, you were discovered on Youtube right? Look at what you have accomplished, but its just the beginning isn’t it? Think I am overexaggerating here? I wouldn’t say I am a mean guy but I don’t hand out compliments unless people deserve them, I am terrible at drawing and would never attempt to say otherwise, so I tell it like it is as brutally honest as I can.

    If being a composer on a large scale is something you are aspiring towards then humor me. I guarantee you if you post on some indie gaming looking for work type website stating who you are and posting a link of your original work and a link to your videogame medley? You will have more offers then you know what to do with in mere moments!

    Why the indie scene? Because like you they like to be in charge of their projects which means the good ones will respect that you want full creative control over your music. :) As far as the market goes? You are talking everything excluding calculators from mobile phones to PC’s Not to mention you then have an entirely different market for your own music works. Oh and I am a poor college student but will buy your CD soon, and when I do it will be the first one I have bought in the last 5 years.

    George E. Spears III

    P.S. I agree with everything all of you have said about Lost, the lazy writing of the finale infuriated me.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    George: Woah, that’s a long message! I’ll write a very short answer here, and a slightly longer to your email instead!

    So, you’re totally right that I’m not interested in becoming a rock star. So yeah, I see myself more as a composer.
    I guess the problem is that I’m not that interested in making looping music, since I don’t even like songs that are verse-chorus-verse-chorus. You’ve probably already read it somewhere, but I do medleys because the music gets varied and interesting then.

    So, I don’t really listen to video game music outside of the games. But if someone would pay me to make video game music, or even the score for a movie (or a musical!), then I’d definitely wanna try it!
    I guess I could try to fish for a job or test to get into that kind of business, but I just hate promoting myself. It’s so much easier to be asked, than to ask, hehe.

    Hmm.. But you might be right, I should look at some indie game deverlopers forums, if I could find one.

    Anyway, thanks a lot! :) A side-note is that composing is so very subjective. I try to avoid all the most common chord progressions and stuff, because I think they’re boring, but most famous/popular songs ARE popular because they have this familiar chord progression that people like. So when composing, it’s always a question of balancing accessibility with creativity. “Sadly”, the most simple/common songs I’ve made so far are the most popular ones, and that will always be a bit.. disappointing and hard to deal with.

    Anyway, thanks for your message and support!

  • Audrey said:

    Hey Fredde I was just wondering; do you support yourself solely by your album and music related stuff or do you have a day job? And if you don’t have a day job now what did you do before you were able to live off of your music?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Audrey: Right now I support myself solely by the music I make. So no day job. Before the album I was studying, which you get money for. Years ago I also worked as a sort of mechanic. :)

  • jasmin said:

    you know, i like how real and down-to-earth you are. you don’t make yourself out to be some genius big-shot but you still accept your success with humility. even if you don’t continue to do music professionally, i hope you’ll still put up youtube videos and things. i really do enjoy your guitar playing :] (and your face, but i suppose thats besides the point…)
    by the way, how old are you?
    (is that weird? ignore it if it’s weird.)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    jasmin: Doesn’t it say anywhere how old I am? :O That’s sort of weird.. I’m 26 anyway! And thanks. :)

  • jasmin said:

    heh, i didnt think youd actually respond! well that put a smile on my face. thank you :]

  • Barbara said:

    As I was taking a much needed break from studying for finals, I stumbled across your Killer Queen cover! This led to watching your other videos and coming to your website… and gave me an excuse to put off studying some more, so thanks for that :)
    Since I apparently have no life (at least not until a week or so), I’ll ask a question (random and pointless, but hey.. that’s the fun of life right?)
    What’s your biggest fear?
    and… What’s your favorite quote? Movie, book, real life, or you can make one up.. what ever floats your boat!
    *sigh* Anyway, wish me luck on my tests and I shall wish you luck.. on life, love, and music :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Barbara: Haha, yeah, I noticed your study procrastination comments around here! As for your questions:
    1. Fear? I don’t really have one. Everything can be solved, and if not, I don’t see death as anything bad. But.. if I *have* to say something, my biggest fear is to have my eyes or teeth ruined. Or ears. Any senses really, because it would be so empty without them.
    2. I don’t keep any quotes in my memory, sorry. :P I’ve read a few good ones, but they’re not saved..
    Good luck! :)

  • Barbara said:

    mahaha… wow I feel like the biggest nerd in the world right now… didn’t expect a response :P
    Good times, good times.. and I aced my final!! :) Maybe watching your videos and then asking you completely pointless questions is my Good Luck charm :)

  • ShyWildBoy said:

    Between studies, I’m reading and learning more about you. I have not been able to find your eye color.

    As far as the noisy computer…I know you can water cool PC’s and that allows you to remove all of the fans. Dono ’bout MACs. People who’ve done this frequently comment after installing the h2o coolers and pulling the fans, they thought that they broke there computers because after hitting the power button, they heard nothing.

    I can’t wait for you to fall in love. I cannot imagine your music becoming even greater than what it is already. We’ll all need IR glasses to see your music span outside of the audible wave spectrum. You are indeed the real thing. My recommendation is that you keep doing whatever you want. Keep the control you have. Bro, its working for you and certainly for your listeners and fans.

    Please? Tell everybody your secret. What color are your peepers?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    My eye color.. I think they’re like a mix of green and blue. Sometimes they look more blue, sometimes more green or almost gray!

    Also, thanks! :)

  • Kirana said:

    Fredde! I just wanted to say that you are one of the most talented people ever and that you’re completely gorgeous :) Btw I’m just wondering who is your inspiration and what made you get into music like that.

    And I love all your medleys! Take care! :)

  • Kirana said:

    Oh and do you like or play any sports?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Kirana!

    There’s no person who inspires me; I get inspired by music I find interesting. So, I’m trying to make music I’ll like, and that’s how I got into it.

    I like watching football (soccer), I like playing football and floorball.

    Thanks! :)

  • Mattias Persson said:

    Hejsan Fredde.

    Såg häromkvällen ditt MEDLEY med de 28 signaturmelodierna… Var en av de bästa grejor jag sett på mycket länge. Så jäkla bra och inspirerande. Får man önska låtar kanske?

    Kanske köper dina album lite senare, hann inte titta så noga men kan man beställa dom via din sida kanske? Ha det toppen.

    // Mattias.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks Mattias! :D And sorry, I don’t take requests.

  • Teja said:

    Fredde :) I just came across your songs and medleys and now I can’t stop listening! You have a REALLY great voice :))) And I like how you’re completely honest and deep. Good luck with your career and everything!

  • Steve said:

    Hey Fredde! :)
    I got a question (I know, you said to me I should ask on the chat, but I´ll just ask here quickly) Remember me? The guy on Facebook? :P
    Anyways, I would like to know how you decide which themes you include. (The TV theme medley for example) Do you choose them because it´s fun to play them? Or easy to play them? Do you just like the themes or the whole show? All that kinda stuff.
    I was jsut wondering because you can´t have SO many favourite TV shows, can you? :D

    Best regards

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Steve: I guess this is a pretty good place to answer questions after all, so that people who are curious about stuff can find answers!

    Anyway, I choose themes or songs mostly because I feel that I could do them in an okay way. Not all songs will work, especially not if they’re instrumental! For example, I doubt anyone would recognize the Lost theme or the Dexter theme, if only played on guitar. Well, maybe a few, but not many. So, can’t have those.
    Also, I’m trying to make a nice and well-rounded selection of songs, so that there’s something for everyone, basically. “The ultimate medley”, or whatever.
    That being said, I have watched 90% of the TV shows and cartoons that I’ve performed the themes for.

  • Jenn said:


    I’m a huge fan of how you incorporate a bunch of different types of songs and multiple languages into your medley’s. Besides Naruto do you watch any other anime? I can’t wait to see what you’re working on. Good luck and have fun with it!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Jenn: I’ve watched a lot of anime! Hmmm.. Most of the ones that are supposedly good, I’d say. :P I don’t think many are GREAT though. My favorites are probably still Death Note, Code Geass and FMA: Brotherhood. And if full-length movies count, then I love Ghibli Studios!
    Thanks. :)

  • Teodor said:

    Hey man, what Keyboard are you using? my keyboard broke recently, and i’v watched all of your videos over and over again, and so i grow interest in your keyboard :D Mvh Teodor :3

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Teodor: It’s just a midi controller, so you need to plug it into a computer or sound bank to get any sounds from it. But it’s a Korg K61 midi controller.

  • Teodor said:

    Ah okey, are you using a program like Cubase etc, or are you using a sound bank? =)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Yes, a program like Cubase. More info in the FAQ I think. :)

  • Mitch said:


    When I have a bad day I listen to your cartoon medely and it cheers me up straight away!! so thanks!! You should do a Ghibli medely :)

    Please come to Sydney or Tokyo and perform :- I live in both cities :)

    Good luck with everything!!!

  • Lars said:

    Måste bara säga att du är HELT fantastisk!

  • Felicia said:

    I just discovered some of your videos on youtube (yeah a little late I know lol). I was wondering what made you want to pursue music? was it something that was instilled by your parents or just something you always wanted to do?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Felicia! I’ve always liked learning and understanding how things work. Music was just one of those things, and it happened to get successful. My interest in video editing, animation and gaming are also apparent in many of my videos though. I would especially like to start some more serious animation project one day!

  • Carlos said:

    Hi Fredde! Do you have any spiritual beliefs?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Carlos! No, I don’t. :) I don’t “believe” much at all. The unknown can be kept unknown until it isn’t anymore!

  • Alex said:

    As of late it seems as though you’ve given up guitar playing? At least at a public level? Also I love your music! Especially welcome the bright skies!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Alex, thanks for your message! I haven’t given up guitar playing, but I do have problems with motivation, and these days I need a year of no music in other to build up some inspiration again. I’m glad to hear you like Welcome the Bright Skies, it’s one of my favorites too. :)
    I will start recording new stuff by the end of 2015, and it’ll probably be released during the second half of 2016!

  • Alex said:

    Thanks for the response!
    I’ve heard you’ve been traveling!
    What has been your favorite place so far?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Alex: Yes, I’ve been traveling for a bit more than a year now! I suppose my favorite places were.. Brazil and Peru. But it depends how you look at things. :D

  • Matthew said:

    Is there a social site you post to so we can keep up with you?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Matthew: Not really. I’ll post on my website when there’s anything worth posting. I might occasionally comment on the facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/freddegredde

  • Miguel said:

    Fredde! What do you think about the musicians use of alcohol and drugs? :O

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Miguel: Haha, that’s an unexpected question. :D I think most people have a wish to “just enjoy live life and not worry”, and when you are successful and don’t need to go to work anymore, you’re able to do that. (Even though it often is a downward spiral towards unhappiness and problems!)

    I don’t think alcohol and drugs are necessarily bad, as long as you don’t overdo it. :) But you gotta be careful.

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