[5 Nov 2012 | 7 comments | ]

A music video for an original song by Toxic Melons, with vocals performed by me.

This is the clown video I mentioned a few months ago! This English musician, Paul, asked me if I was interested in recording vocals for one of his songs, and since I liked the demo, I said yes. I also filmed some video footage of myself dressed as a clown, not really knowing what the final result would be. But now I finally know! :D

So yeah, this is really Paul’s project (and the video is edited by an Ed Stockham), but I’m featured in it, so, I hope you’ll like it!

[3 Oct 2012 | 24 comments | ]

In case you didn’t know why I haven’t posted anything new in several months now, it’s because I’ve gone back to studying, again! Just the subjects Swedish and English, but it’s enough to keep me busy..

I have finished my parts for the next “big” video though, but I’m waiting for a bunch of animators to finish their parts. I’m having some trouble even getting in touch with them now, so I don’t know how far they’ve come. But I doubt it will be up this month. So, possibly November! I also plan to make something Christmasy this year, but we’ll see.

Finally, that clown video is supposedly finished soon, so I expect an October release. I’ve only contributed with vocals, guitar and some video to that project though, so I’m not too involved with it. Will be interesting to see the final results!

What more could I say.. Well, I’ve added some sheet music and more tabs to my tabs section. There’s actually a nice guy named Erik who has offered to write down sheet music for my songs if anyone is interested, so tell me if you want any specific song!

[8 Aug 2012 | 6 comments | ]

As a little side project, I’ve recorded vocals for a friend’s song. He’s also about to make a pretty weird music video for it, so now I’ve filmed my part as well.

I’m curious to see the final results! If it turns out well, I might post it on my youtube channel.

[26 Jul 2012 | 16 comments | ]

What you see above is an example of what my next video will look like! And I know, many will think “nooo, not another animated video, we want to see YOU”. But unlike The Star Song (which is one of my personal favorites), there will also be shots of me playing and singing. So I think I’ll find a good balance this time!

Also, although the story is new, the music will actually be based on something familiar. But I will keep that a secret for now! It’s my most ambitious project though, so I hope it’ll turn out well!

[16 Jul 2012 | 2 comments | ]

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Want to animate a new project? Here’s an opportunity for you!

Haha, singing that was kind of dumb. But, fact is that I need to find an animator who can make some nice animations for my new project! I can’t tell too much about it, but it will be kind of a fairytale (so CGI wouldn’t fit too well), and the video will be a mix of shots of me playing and singing, and animation. The video should be finished before August is over!

So, if you are an animator, please contact me, along with a sample of what you can do. If you know someone who might be interested, you don’t need to tell me. Instead, ask that person to contact me.

Chosen animator will get paid! Possibly with gold.